Customer-Facing Analytics for Agencies

GoSquared for Agencies lets you deliver a new level of service to your clients, with next generation analytics software.

Manage unlimited clients

With GoSquared for Agencies, we don’t limit the number or sites you can manage. You'll find managing a hundred sites as easy as managing a handful. 

At GoSquared we’ve removed the complexity from tools like Google Analytics and curated the key metrics your customers want to see.

Automated daily email reports

GoSquared automated reports, the perfect compliment to our dashboards, remove the work in keeping all your site's users up to date with their web analytics 

Easier than GA

Why not just use a free analytics tool for your clients?

You definitely could, but using tools with less accurate data and complex user interfaces raises the possibility of numerous questions and support cases from your clients.  

Coupled with the need to integrate additional tools to present a customer friendly interface and further software to generate intermittent email reports - free solutions start to become a lot less, well, free.

Include simple, curated, real-time analytics  as part of your agencies offering

Provide your clients with state-of-the-art analytics under your own branding, with our embeddable dashboards

Programatically create GoSquared projects for your clients sites with our RESTful Account API 

Earn, with the ability to apply for our affiliate program

Stay on top of and manage your costs with our simple, transparent pricing

Manage unlimited projects, each with unlimited shared users, all through one dashboard

Over 10 years serving digital agencies 

From simple account management questions, to complex tracking techniques, the GoSquared team oversees thousands of analytics integrations every year. There's no one better to ask for advice when it comes to tracking the right metrics.

GoSquared for Agencies also offers bespoke training sessions for your team and clients. From a basic introduction to the GoSquared platform, to advanced training focusing on integrations and automation, we can help your clients get the most value out of GoSquared being a part of your package.

"You can see what you need, get on with it and it’s pretty enough that looking at this data doesn’t have to be boring. You can’t underestimate the value in that."

Dan Griffiths

Managing Director, Buffalo.  Web Development, 
E-Commerce, Web Design 

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