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GoSquared Now dashboard for real-time web analytics
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Monitor your website in real-time.

GoSquared Analytics measures the pulse of your website. Monitor every traffic spike and every minor blip in real-time.

Instant notifications

Be there for every traffic spike, and every blip of downtime. Instant Notifications via email or Slack ensure you’re always the first to know when your website is on fire.

Minute-by-minute timeline

See how your website traffic fluctuates minute-by-minute with Timeline in the Now dashboard. Traffic spikes, blips, and downtime have never been clearer to spot.

Traffic sources

Instantly see when sites start sending you traffic and be ready to join the conversation. Whether it’s a Tweet, a blog post, or even just a comment – be on top of it.

From the pioneers of real-time analytics.

GoSquared introduced real-time web analytics back in 2009, and we power real-time data for over 60,000 websites around the world.

  • GoSquared real-time analytics screenshot back in 2009


  • GoSquared real-time analytics screenshot back in 2010


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  • GoSquared real-time analytics screenshot in 2014


Never miss a beat. Or a Tweet.

In GoSquared Analytics, everything is instant. See exactly how many people are currently on your site, and how they got there. Instantly join the conversation on Twitter if there are people linking to you. Speak up in a comment thread that has just mentioned you.

Join the conversation on Twitter

See who's on your site from Twitter. GoSquared shows a real-time stream of relevant tweets right alongside your web metrics, so you can see who's talking about you and respond when it matters most.

Ensure you're never out of the PR loop

Bloggers and media outlets are pushing out content all day everyday. Using GoSquared, you'll never be out of the loop — instantly see sites referring traffic to you and engage in conversation with them immediately.

Never feel like you missed the boat

Ever come across a thread of comments from last month discussing your website and wish you'd been there to join the conversation when it was taking place? With GoSquared, you'll never worry about missing out again.

Double down on your attention

Sometimes an existing Tweet or article can be driving visitors to your site simply by the way it's written. Amplify existing attention at the opportune moment by monitoring the effects in real-time.

Engagement. Measured.

GoSquared Analytics measures time-on-site and browsing activity with precision. See which visitors are actively engaged and how long they're spending online.

Engaged time

GoSquared doesn't measure time-on-site like other analytics tools. GoSquared monitors the on-page activity of your visitors, so you can see who's actually reading, scrolling, and consuming your content, and who's simply making a cup of tea.

Get smarter about optimising the pages that are truly working well, and spend less time improving metrics that don't matter.

Session length and bounce rates

GoSquared calculates bounce rate more accurately than other web analytics tools. Rather than simply assuming 2 pageviews are better than one, GoSquared takes into account a visitor's engaged time, so that visitors who are truly engaging in your content, regardless of how many pages they view, do not count as a bounce.

Jump on hot content.

Throughout the day individual pages, products, and articles can suddenly become popular without any warning. GoSquared tells you instantly when a page is popular, so you can jump on it, check it, and maximise its popularity when it matters most.

Without GoSquared we'd be blind. Everyone on the team uses the platform every day to check in with our users – from our sales people to our engineers and designers. It's become a core tool we simply couldn't live without.

Photo of Tom Carrington Smith, CPO of CharlieHR

Tom Carrington Smith, CPO, CharlieHR

GoSquared is our world. It’s our high level overview of traffic, activity, sources, and content. But it’s also our microscope for analysing users and our microphone for talking to them.

Photo of Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt

Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt

No training manual required.

GoSquared Analytics is the fastest way to grab simple, easy-to-understand reports on your website traffic. From visitor numbers, to traffic sources, to trending hot content — GoSquared makes it easy to report on the metrics you need.

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Real-time Analytics

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  • Full suite of analytics APIs
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