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Thousands of companies are using the on site behaviour of their visitors to qualify their leads faster and close more deals.

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What would make a 5 star lead?

A higher number of visits and pageviews indicates where a lead is in the buying process. Repeat visits and higher pageviews signify a more interested and educated lead.


Website Visits



Buying signals specific to your sales funnel

Specific pageviews or events, like viewing a pricing page, further qualify a lead by surfacing consideration and buying intent.

Viewed Pricing Page

Viewed Features Page

Watched Webinar

Companies using BQLs see more success

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    15% more deals closed

    Sales teams spend more time closing, less time sifting through leads.

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    18% higher average revenue per deal

    Greater focus on your best leads helps increase deal size.

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    30% less time wasted

    Sales reps spend less time manually entering and searching for data.

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