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EcoSend Podcast Episode 7 – Talking Sustainability With Nudj


Every week on the EcoSend podcast we meet inspiring founders to discover their contributions towards creating a better planet. 

This week is no exception, as GoSquared CEO and Founder of EcoSend James chatted with Meagan and Jenna from Nudj.

For those unfamiliar with Nudj, it is an app which rewards you for being sustainable. Nudj helps you to understand and monitor your environmental impact so that you can make easy changes on a personal level to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Here is a snippet of the conversation between James, Meagan and Jenna.

To listen to the conversation in full, you can capture episode 7 of the EcoSend podcast for free on the links below. 

“Where Did Your Journey To Sustainability Begin?”

Jenna: “I was at primary school and I remember signing up for an after school activities class, and it was all about saving the environment and endangered species. That kind of sparked this interest for me in starting to look after our planet and just being more mindful about my actions. 

I don’t know how many kids get excited during their lunch break to go and pick up litter on the playground. But that was definitely where I was at! So, I think that definitely sparked my journey to becoming more sustainable. As I progressed in my education, I decided to do a business degree. And when I was doing this business degree, I decided I didn’t want to work for a business that I didn’t believe in, and that wasn’t purpose-driven. And so that was kind of what led me to want to work for a sustainability-minded business.

I decided to do my master’s in Marketing, and I was actually at King’s College London, and I met Meg and Dee through a consultancy project that I was doing for one of my courses. And that’s how I came across Nudj. I think I remember after hearing about the Nudj app, I literally went up to Megan after class and I was like, ‘This is the app I’ve been waiting for!’”

How Nudj Is Encouraging People To Be More Sustainable

Nudj sustainability

Meagan: “I think because carbon is intangible and climate change isn’t tangible, it’s really difficult for us as a species to grasp the impact that we’re having, like in effect. So that’s part of the beauty of Nudj. We’re really trying to make carbon tangible.

So we’re doing that by creating reference points. So ‘Miles driven’, in addition to carbon in terms of kilos. We’re also really trying to build awareness and baseline knowledge around what is carbon impact and how can you create change on an individual level.

I think we found through a lot of our market research and a lot of the users that we have to date; baseline knowledge is really, really low. In terms of the impact that we’re having, many people aren’t aware. Flying is obviously having a massive impact.

Or swapping out a meat dish once a week. Again, these small actions have a really large impact ultimately when done so collectively. So Nudj is grounded in behavioural psychology as well. We work with a behavioralist who does a lot of the behavioural research behind really creating sustainable habits.”

Nudj Is Not About Forcing People To Be Sustainable, It’s About Educating Them

Nudj sustainability app

James Gill: “I can’t imagine many people being super excited to open an app that makes ‘them feel awful every day. So I think something that makes them feel incredibly rewarded and positive for even the smallest changes is going to ease you into that mindset change.

So how are you going about doing that? What are the ways you get people to want to make these changes, to want to take the next step rather than feeling forced? Any advice for other people that are thinking about this themselves?”

Jenna: “So I think primarily the one focus that Nudj has is the educational aspect. We’ve very much been focusing a lot of our content around educating and providing people with actionable steps and tips. The reason why we’ve done that is because Nudj is an educational tool and it’s a habit-forming tool.

So for me, I like to think of my role as being able to share advice and share tips and share facts with people that could maybe inspire them and spark them. Obviously, it’s the holiday season at the moment and there’s a lot of extra shopping and buying and all of that going around. Something so simple as reminding people that secondhand exists is great because people can not only save a bit of money, but they’re also able to keep products in the loop for a bit longer.

There was a staggering stat that I saw about wrapping paper, the fact that we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper every Christmas just for presents, and that’s literally the distance from the earth to the moon. So that is incredible.”

Where To Find The EcoSend Podcast

The conversation is just getting started between James, Meagan and Jenna, so we hope you’ll tune in to listen to the full episode. 

You can find episode 7 of the EcoSend podcast, along with episodes 1-6 on the above links for free. 

Be sure to share this episode, and let us know what you think! You can also tag us over on Twitter on our new EcoSend account. 

EcoSend By GoSquared – The Sustainable Email Marketing Platform

EcoSend by GoSquared

Alongside signing up for Nudj, EcoSend by GoSquared is yet another way you can reduce your carbon footprint. 

EcoSend by GoSquared is an email marketing platform with a difference. You’ll get all the tools you need to grow your business and keep your customers engaged. However, our systems run on renewable energy, and we’ll plant trees on behalf of your business for using us.

Our plans start at $0 per month, with paid plans starting at an incredible $49 per month. Check out our pricing and make the switch to EcoSend today. 

Let us know any questions about EcoSend, including how it can help your company achieve its goals while reducing the impact on the environment. Reach out to our team to chat further with us. 

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