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Introducing Free Tier and Datapoints

Better plans and pricing for everyone

Introducing the GoSquared Free Tier

We believe software pricing should:

  • Be transparent.
  • Scale with your business.
  • Never be a barrier to experimentation.

As GoSquared grows and continues to introduce new products and features, we want to make sure our pricing never gets in the way of you obtaining the full value out of the platform. That’s why we’re simplifying things. Starting on Wednesday 6th May, we will charge based on just two variables: the number of datapoints you process per month, and the total number of user profiles (leads, customers etc) you have added to People CRM.

Introducing Datapoints

A simpler way to track usage.

When GoSquared first launched, the iPhone hadn’t even been invented yet. The internet was a much simpler place, and primarily consisted of websites with HTML web pages. If you were (un)lucky, you’d stumble upon a Flash website, and experience an interface that almost resembled a piece of software.

Back then, charging by the number of pageviews a customer tracked made sense. But the year is now 2015, and the number of ways in which we connect and interact through the internet has exploded. Whether you’re interacting with a business via their website, their mobile app, or even simply connecting through their support desk – GoSquared is now the place to bring all that activity together. We feel “pageviews” have had their time, so we’re switching to a model where we charge by “datapoints”.

GoSquared Tracking (Now, Trends and Ecommerce Analytics) will be charged on the number of datapoints tracked.

It’s not actually as scary as it sounds – a datapoint can be any one of the following:

Great news for Ecommerce Analytics customers – you will no longer be charged more for transactions! Instead, transactions will contribute to your total datapoint usage, so you will be charged at the much lower rate than before.

Introducing the GoSquared Free Tier

Lowering the barrier to entry of experiencing GoSquared.

We’re introducing the GoSquared Free Tier. With the addition of People CRM, GoSquared is now an incredibly powerful analytics platform. We want to make sure everyone – whether you’re a huge enterprise, or a startup on day one – can see the value of GoSquared first hand.

By introducing a free tier, we are determined to support the startups of the world, and give them a powerful analytics platform from the day they launch through to the day they IPO and beyond.

The free starter plan doesn’t require you to enter your credit card details and includes:

  • 1,000 monthly datapoints.
  • 100 profiles in People CRM and Live Chat.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • Unlimited team sharing.

All GoSquared plans still include:

  • Unlimited team sharing.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • 1000 custom properties (attributes) in People CRM.
  • Unlimited Smart Groups in People CRM.
  • Email support.

Unlimited usage trial period

Just as before, we still offer a completely unlimited usage trial period to everyone. You can track as many datapoints and profiles during the trial as you like.

There is no need to enter a credit card to start your trial. After the trial, your account will automatically transition to the free starter plan. If your usage during the trial exceeds the free limit you will be prompted to choose a paid plan. More information on plans and pricing.

There’s never been a better time to get started

We believe in having a simple pricing model that is transparent. We want to encourage both small and large businesses to experience the value of GoSquared. Importantly, we want our pricing to get out of your way so that you can spend more time on the things that matter – like building relationships with your customers.

Written by
Hugh heads up Business Development at GoSquared.

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