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Now available: Free Tier and Datapoints

There’s never been a better time to use GoSquared

Introducing the GoSquared Free Tier

Last week we announced the GoSquared Free Tier, and a simplified billing model with just two variables: datapoints tracked per month, and total profiles added to People CRM.

The introduction of the Free Tier, and the changes to our pricing are now out in the wild.

Importantly, let’s explain how this affects you.

If you’re a GoSquared customer

As of today, GoSquared Analytics (Now Dashboard, Trends Dashboard and Ecommerce Analytics) will be charged based upon the total number of datapoints processed in that period. A datapoint is classified as a single pageview, event or transaction.

Great news for anyone running an online store – Ecommerce Analytics is no longer separately charged. You will now be charged at a much lower rate per transaction.

In addition to the move to datapoints, we’ve also launched the People CRM free tier. This gives you a limit of 100 profiles to use across People CRM and Live Chat for free.

If you are tracking fewer than 1,000 datapoints per month and have added fewer than 100 profiles to People CRM, switch to our Free Tier. No strings attached.

People CRM billing hasn’t changed. It is charged in addition to GoSquared Analytics (Now, Trends and Ecommerce) and is based on the total number of profiles (users, customers etc) you add to People CRM.

To see your billing and plans information just head to Settings > Your Account. You can also see your usage in the bottom left of your account.

If you’re new to GoSquared

There’s never been a better time to start, so get started now!.

Everyone gets an unlimited 14 day trial. After the trial you will be automatically moved to the Free Tier. If your usage exceeds the Free Tier, you’ll be prompted to choose a Plans and pricing that fits you.

If you tried GoSquared a while back

We’d love to welcome you back!

We have automatically moved your account onto the Free Tier, so just sign in with the same details you used last time.

If you’ve forgotten your password (don’t worry, you’re not the only one) you can reset your password here. We hope you enjoy the updates we’ve made since you last used GoSquared.

Details on the Free Tier

The Free Tier is available to everyone. It doesn’t require you to enter any payment details upfront.

The Free Tier includes:

  • 1,000 monthly datapoints.
  • 100 profiles in People CRM and Live Chat.
  • Unlimited sites.
  • Unlimited team sharing.
  • 1000 custom properties (attributes) in People CRM.

All GoSquared plans include:

  • Unlimited sites.
  • Unlimited team sharing.
  • 1000 custom properties (attributes) in People CRM.
  • Email support.


We hope the Free Tier and the simplified pricing encourage you to experiment with GoSquared – whether you’re a single developer hacking around, or a large businesses figuring out how to understand your customers.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to tweet us at @GoSquared, or email us.

Written by
Hugh heads up Business Development at GoSquared.

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