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New and improved Shopify integration

Set up all of GoSquared in one click

Shopify now works with all of GoSquared

We love Shopify, here at GoSquared.

Shopify stands for the same things we believe in – making it easy for anyone to run an online business, and cutting the complexity of starting, managing and growing a company.

GoSquared is the easiest to use web analytics for online businesses. Since early 2014, you’ve been able to add GoSquared to your Shopify store in just a few clicks.

Now, Trends, Ecommerce Analytics, and GoSquared People – you can now set all of these up for your Shopify store in just a click with the new and improved GoSquared Shopify integration.

Get it on the Shopify App Store now

What’s new?

We first launched GoSquared for Shopify in February of last year, bringing beautiful, easy-to-understand real-time web and ecommerce metrics to Shopify store owners around the world.

New: Support for GoSquared People

Since we introduced GoSquared People, the powerful new way to understand your online customers, we’ve been inundated with requests to bring GoSquared People to Shopify, so we’re thrilled to make that happen.

Updated: Easier setup

We’ve ironed out a bunch of issues that previously caused customers some pain while integrating GoSquared with Shopify. The whole setup experience is now smoother than ever.

More integrations = more power

GoSquared connects all your services together to help you truly understand your customers

GoSquared integrates with over 20 different tools and services to bring your customer data together in one place, ensuring you can stay on top of your online business in real-time.

It’s not just Shopify, check out all the services GoSquared integrates with.

Ecommerce Analytics

GoSquared Ecommerce Analytics screenshot

GoSquared Ecommerce Analytics gives you your key ecommerce metrics in real-time, in an easy-to-read format, on any device.

Whether you’re on the go, or at your desk, just open up GoSquared to instantly see how your store is performing against last week on all your key metrics such as traffic, conversion, and revenue.

Get started for free with GoSquared for Shopify today!

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James is CEO and one of the co-founders of GoSquared. He also likes to talk about design.

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