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Every contact, user, and customer. All in one place.

GoSquared People - GoSquared reinvents the CRM

No more switching between tools.

People CRM will transform how you understand and connect with your customers. Import your contacts and customers – People CRM is intuitive, beautiful, and searchable, ready for anyone on your team to interact with.

They also started with a free trial:

“GoSquared gives us easy access to all the information we need on our users in real-time. It's essential for keeping on top of our userbase and making our users happier.”

– Alysia Wanczyk, Seedrs


Your definitive view of every customer.

Your visitors, users, and customers. Every pageview, every action, and everything from your billing system, internal databases, and dozens of other services. All together.

Search and filter your users and customers instantly with GoSquared People Analytics

Real-time event tracking

GoSquared instantly tracks every event triggered by your users, so you can go beyond the pageviews to find out what actions people are taking in your apps.


Easy access to properties

From someone's account creation date through to their lifetime value, People gives you key properties and data points about each user in one place.


Stitching across devices

Users can access your apps on multiple devices. GoSquared People stitches together all user sessions across devices seamlessly.


Always in sync

Server-side integrations and modules for all major languages ensure People is always in sync with your internal databases and systems.

Instant search

Whether you're dealing with a customer support case or just trying to understand a specific user's journey a little better, you can find them in an instant.

Intuitive filtering

Every piece of information about every user can be queried in People. Easily find people based on properties (like their lifetime value) or by events they've triggered.

Smart Groups

Save commonly used sets of filters as Smart Groups so you can check back easily on groups such as "latest signups", "new customers", or "users likely to churn".

Easy export

It's easy to grab a list of your users and pull it into other tools, where you can take action on the data. Now you have everything you need to connect with your users.


Seamlessly connected to all your tools.

Connect to hundreds of other services in just a few clicks. Effortlessly import your data from services like your support desk and email marketing systems, and automatically trigger actions from GoSquared in your other tools like Slack.

GoSquared connects to all your third party services like MailChimp, Slack, Zendesk and more

Build a better product.

“Who tried that feature we rolled out last week?”

– James, Product Manager

Easily find users based on their interactions with your app.

People makes it easy to filter your users based on events they have triggered inside your app.

  • Find users based on the number of times they have triggered specific events.

  • Find users who have triggered a specific event recently.

  • Find users who have not triggered a specific event for a long period of time.

  • People can track both client-side and server-side events making it easy to understand the true activity of your users.


Close more sales.

“I wish I could find qualified sales opportunities in less time…”

– Hugh, Account Management

Search and filter your users and customers instantly with GoSquared People

Easily find your best sales leads and see who's becoming increasingly inactive.

Having all your user-level data in one place opens up new possibilities. Filter your userbase by activity and spot users who once were active, but have since dropped off the radar.

Reach out to the people you need to.

Once you've found the users you need, People makes it easy to export your data to use it in other tools.

Learn more about GoSquared for sales automation.

  • Easily export groups of people in seconds with one click.

  • Export all the data you have on users in one CSV file.

  • Save your set of filters as a Smart Group to check back regularly.

  • Filtering makes it easy to focus on a select few users quickly.

  • Filter by properties and events to slice and dice your data easily.

  • You have the flexibility to define what “active” looks like for you.


Delight your customers.

“If only I could see what users were doing before they contacted support…”

– Brennan, Customer Success

GoSquared turns customer service into customer success.

Instantly find everything you need to know about a user, so you're ready to give them the best customer service they've ever had.

It's never been this easy to connect with your users and customers on a personal level.

Learn more about GoSquared for customer service.

  • Find users instantly with search in People.

  • Gain background understanding on each user you speak to with Social Profiles.

  • See which device a user was on before they reached out.

  • Every property and piece of information you need in one place – no more hunting for data.


Answers to your FAQs.

Can I try GoSquared People before I pay for it?

Absolutely. You can trial People Analytics for free for 14 days. If you’re already a GoSquared customer, you can still start a People Analytics trial.

How do I get data into GoSquared People?

It's easy to bring all your data together in one place – you can use the GoSquared Tracking API to send data in via JavaScript, a range of server-side libraries, and our growing list of third-party integrations.

What is GoSquared?

GoSquared is mission control for your business. Having separate tools for marketing, product, sales, and support is crazy. GoSquared is one integrated platform to simplify running an online business.

What does GoSquared do with my customer data?

GoSquared never sells your data. Your data is yours and always will be. You can find out more about our privacy policy in this support doc. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Can I export my data?

You can export data from GoSquared People at any time by hitting the “Export” button. This instantly creates a CSV file, that you can import into a spreadsheet.

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