Does GoSquared track client-side or server-side (backend) events?

GoSquared can track both client-side and server-side. To track events from webpages, see the Javascript tracker's events documentation. These events are displayed within visitor browsing sessions in the Visitors widget in the Now dashboard. The total number of times events are triggered for any time period is shown in the Events widget in the Trends dashboard.

To track events on the backend, see our Tracking API documentation.

Note: in the Now dashboard, events are associated with online visitor sessions. This means that when the visitor goes offline, that visitor and the events for them are no longer visible. Meanwhile, the number of times the event is triggered is cumulative and is always shown in the Trends dashboard for any time period.

Additionally, only events tracked using the Javascript website tracker show in the Now dashboard. Events tracked via backend modules show in the Trends dashboard only.

We are working on more powerful ways to analyse event data.

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