Zapier enables you to easily automate tasks and track events from over 1000 external applications using simple Triggers and Actions. It doesn't require any coding or specialist knowledge to set up.

Triggers from one app are combined with Actions from another app to create a 'Zap'. GoSquared currently supports 5 Triggers and 2 Actions.

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What can I do with Zapier?

Supported Triggers

  • User Entered Smart Group
  • User Exited Smart Group
  • Trafic Spike
  • Traffic Dip
  • New Chat message

Supported Actions

  • Track an Event
  • Create or Update a profile in People CRM – including adding new custom properties

Popular Zaps

Setting up a Zap

If you haven't already, sign up for a free Zapier account.

  1. Click Make a new Zap and follow the steps in the Zap builder to set up your first GoSquared Zap.

  2. When prompted to connect a GoSquared account you'll need to head back to the Zapier Services page and copy your Zapier Site Key and paste it into Zapier. I recommend giving the 'connected account' on Zapier the same name as your GoSquared site.

    Paste Zapier Site Key

  3. If you want to connect more than one site you will need to 'Connect a different GoSquared account' for each one of your sites. I'd recommend changing the 'Connected account name' to the name of your site so that its easy to remember which account is for which site.

    Zapier Account Selector

  4. Follow the rest of the instructions to set up the Zap, give it a Test and finally turn it on!
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