What is a People profile?

People CRM is a tool for tracking an individual's session activity and storing useful information about your users. It is also where any Chat history with that user is stored. 

When you have a new user that you want to track, you would use our tracking code to create a profile for that person. Alternatively if somebody anonymous starts a Live Chat conversation with you, GoSquared will create a new profile for them so we can store their Chat history.

How can new profiles be created?

  • Identified profiles – come from using the 'identify code' or using a People CRM plugin. For every new visitor that you identify (ie when they login, register, join a mailing list etc) a profile will be created for them. All their future sessions, activity and Chat history will be tracked against their profile.

  • Anonymous profiles – when a new visitor starts a Chat conversation with you, an anonymous profile is created to store their chat history. If this user leaves their email address or eventually signs up for your service, their anonymous Chat profile is automatically merged into their newly identified profile.

  • Integrations – if you are using one of our integrations (Zapier, Mailchimp, Drip, Sendgrid etc), then every time we receive an event (eg. Opened email) from a new email address - we will automatically create a new profile with that email address to track the event under.

  • CSV Importer – we have a tool for helping you import lists of users and their associated data from a spreadsheet. This tool will create profiles for those users however they will not automatically be kept up to date unless you have also installed our 'identify code' code on your site.

Can I manually add a new profile?

Currently, profiles can only be created via the methods listed above. However if you have a developer on the team you can also use the GoSquared Tracking API to create or update profiles.

Can I merge two profiles together?

Yes! When viewing a profile just click the Merge button in the sidebar. This will allow you to search for a target profile to merge the currently selected one into – learn more.

Can I delete profiles?

You can delete individual or whole groups of profiles at any time. Read the full guide here.


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