An Introduction to GoSquared Live Chat

GoSquared Live Chat is an on-site and in-app live messaging tool. It allows your users to talk to somebody on your team, directly from your website or app.

Live Chat is tightly integrated with People CRM to bring all your customer information and communications together in one place.

There are two sides to the Live Chat product:

  • Assistant – what your customers see on your site.
  • Inbox – how your agents and team respond to and manage conversations.

Assistant – chat and lead capture

Assistant is the live chat button that appears on your site and makes it effortless to start converting visitors in to customers. Assistant will encourage visitors to leave their email address and try to automatically engage new visitors if you have any Prompts set up

Chat Prompts – automatically start conversations at the right time

Start a sales conversation automatically when a visitor displays buying behaviour – learn more.

Frictionless conversations

A user only has to click the chat button to start sending messages. No login, no forms, no loading time – just instant conversation.

Never lose your Live Chat history

A user can start a conversation and then leave your site/app. When they come back in the future, they can pick up the conversation from wherever they left off. Closing the chat window does not end the conversation. Historical messages will always be there next time the user opens chat. There are no tickets, just continuous chat between you and your customer.

Capture lead email addresses

Assistant will capture email addresses and enrich them into full lead profiles for you – learn more.

Customise how Assistant looks on your site

Choose the language that Assistant is displayed in, set a brand colour, manage response times and more – read more.

Send screenshots and file attachments

Your visitors can drag and drop, copy/paste, or use a file picker to send you screenshots and files to help with support cases.

Choose which pages your visitors can chat to you from

Disable Assistant on specific pages – read more.

Embed Live Chat in your mobile iOS application

Use the GoSquared iOS SDK in your iPhone application for a seamless in-app live chat experience – technical documentation.

GoSquared Inbox – for your agents and team

How your team manages and responds to messages.

The Inbox app

Available on:

  • The web – in your GoSquared sidebar
  • Mobile apps (iOS & Android) – learn more

The whole team can respond to customers

Anybody on your team can respond to conversations. You have one continuous Live Chat feed with each of your customers so you can always see the full conversation history – invite team members.

Automatic lead enrichment

When a visitor submits their email address, GoSquared will use it to scrape the web to discover as much social and company info about that lead.

Add /edit properties (attributes) about the user from the sidebar

See all the information about the current visitor in the sidebar whilst you chat with them. You can add and edit information about them as you chat (company name, job title, description etc).

Use email to reply when a user goes offline

If a user leaves their email address during the chat, when they go offline you can still send messages via email. Your users can then reply via email and responses will still come back into your GoSquared Inbox. It’s that simple, just one continuous conversation history – learn more.

Broadcast messages – send messages to groups of users

Send a one off message to a group of people. Useful for asking for feedback and announcing new features – read more.

Office hours – use automatic replies to manage expectations

When a visitor sends a message, use an automated message or a lead form to let them know you're currently out of office, provide a useful link or just say you'll respond as soon as you can – learn more.

Instant notifications

  • Desktop browser notifications (Safari/Chrome/Edge)
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile push notifications (iOS and Android)
  • Desktop app notifications
  • Slack notifications

Write Internal notes

Agents can write in-line notes as a reminder or to quickly provide context when handing a conversations off to somebody else of the team – read more.

Send screenshots and file attachments

Use the file picker, drag and drop, or simply copy and paste from the clipboard directly into a message you're composing.

Slash commands

These are a bit like keyboard shortcuts. Just start typing '/' to bring up a list of available commands and then hit 'enter' to complete the action. Here '/note' is being used to quickly write a note:

Automatic conversation merging

Anonymous users can start a conversation with you. The moment they sign-up/register for your service, their anonymous conversation history will be seamlessly merged into their newly 'identified' profile. This allows you to see the full conservation that was had prior to a user signing up – read more.

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