Live Chat FAQ

GoSquared Live Chat is the easiest way to start a conversation with your visitors and users. Just turn the switch on in Chat Settings and start using the new Inbox app in the sidebar.

How to turn Live Chat on or off?
Go to Chat Settings for your project and switch the toggle on/off.

How to change my Live Chat avatar?
Your agent avatar (photo) is the same one that is used for your GoSquared account. The photo comes from the 'Gravatar'. It's a free, easy way of setting up a consistent profile photo across lots of different apps and services. You'll need to create or update your Gravatar account with a photo and the email address that you use for your GoSquared account.

Check if your GoSquared email address has an Gravatar set up here.

How can I change the Live Chat button colour?
Read the guide

How can I hide Live Chat on a specific page?
Read the guide

How do I get the mobile apps?

How do Live Chat notifications work?
Read the guide

How do I set up Live Chat Prompts (automatic messages)?
Read the guide

How do I use Broadcasts to send announcements via Live Chat
Read the guide

Why can't I see the Live Chat button on my site?
This is most commonly because you've blocked your IP address from contributing towards your GoSquared stats – read more.

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