GoSquared extension for Magento

Note: The GoSquared extension for Magento has been deprecated and is no longer available on Magento Connect. This article is being preserved here as reference for existing installations.


Installing the GoSquared extension for Magento using Magento Connect is easy. Follow the steps below to get started. Note the Magento installation only integrates pageview tracking. For ecommerce transaction tracking, you will have to follow our manual installation guide here.
  1. Navigate to the GoSquared extension page on Magento Connect.

  2. Log in to Magento connect and click install now. You can then select the Magento Connect version (newer versions of Magento will require Magento Connect 2.0). After having read the licence agreement, check the checkbox to agree and you will receive your extension key. Copy this extension key to your clipboard or leave this page open.

  3. Log into the administrative backend of your Magento installation and go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager. You will then be asked to log in again to check for authorisation to install extensions.

  4. Simply paste your extension key into the box provided and click install.

  5. Navigate to your admin backend and log in if you aren't already logged in and go to system > configuration.

  6. In the sidebar select settings under the GoSquared heading.

  7. Paste your GoSquared site token for your website (which can be found at https://gosquared.com/integration/overview) into the input area provided. Note that it will start with "GSN".

  8. Configure the extension by selecting how you want users to be tagged within the GoSquared interface and by selecting whether or not you wish Magento admin pages to be tracked.

  9. Click save config to complete the process.

You'll now be able to log into GoSquared and start watching your analytics in real-time!

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