Team Sharing

How to share GoSquared with team-mates

To invite a team member, first sign in to your GoSquared account.

If you manage more than one project, click the 'Project Picker' in the top left of GoSquared to make sure you know which site you're going to share.

1. Head to Project Settings

Select Project Settings at the bottom of the sidebar.

Screenshot of Team Sharing settings in GoSquared

Please note that only the project owner can invite team members. If you are not the project owner, you'll want to ask them to complete the process below.

2. The Sharing tab in Project Settings

Once you are in Project Settings, select the Team Sharing tab. In Sharing, you can add and remove team members.

3. Add a team-mate

To invite a team member to use GoSquared for this website, select Add a new team member and enter that person's email address. Your team-mate will be sent an email inviting them to jin your GoSquared project. If they don't already have a GoSquared account, they'll be asked to create a new free GoSquared account in order to sign in.

Important note on email addresses and team sharing

Currently, your team-mates will need to sign up for GoSquared with the exact same email address that they were invited under. If they sign up with a different email address they will not be able to access the projects that you wanted to share with them.

More information on sharing GoSquared with your team

GoSquared is designed to be easy for the whole team to use it – not just the "data heads". Put GoSquared up on a big screen near the lunch tables, and invite everyone on your team to GoSquared to start building a culture of greater transparency and raise awareness of key metrics within your team.

Everyone you invite will have full access to GoSquared for the website(s) you have chosen, and can also receive emails reports so they're always in the loop.

All GoSquared plans enjoy unlimited team sharing so you can invite as many colleagues, friends or collaborators as you wish.

If you manage multiple sites, you can selectively share each site with different people. For example, if you are a web design agency, you can share each of your sites separately with each of your individual clients.

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