GoSquared for Rapidweaver

GoSquared enables you to monitor and understand your RapidWeaver sites in real-time.

Setting up GoSquared with your RapidWeaver site

To setup GoSquared for your RapidWeaver sites you will need to click on the configure button in the left sidebar of RapidWeaver.

Realmac Rapidweaver - real-time analytics by GoSquared

RapidWeaver Stats screen

Setting up GoSquared real-time analytics on your RapidWeaver site.

Real-time analytics for RapidWeaver by GoSquared

Getting your GoSquared Tracking Code

You will be able to obtain your tracking code and check that it's integrated by going to the setup process. This can be accessed any time by going to the "Account" drop down menu in the top right of your Dashboard and choosing "Setup".

That will give you your tracking code. You can copy your tracking code into the RapidWeaver "GoSquared LiveStats" text box.

When you click enter LiveStats will appear under the configure button you pressed earlier, once you have published your site with the changes GoSquared will be tracking your site.

You will then be able to login using the liveStats link and see the number of users on your site.

Video Tutorial

RapidWeaver Basics put together a handy video for integrating GoSquared (and Google Analytics) with your RapidWeaver site. It's a little outdated now, but should still be helpful for explaining the whole process of integration.

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