Track Events


GoSquared events are a versatile way of tracking anything that is happening on your site or app. User actions, application errors, state transitions, and activity of all kinds can be tracked as an event.

Popular events are aggregated by name in the Trends dashboard.

Top level event names are searchable/filterable in GoSquared People. Optionally, you can include extra data in the event body. However, event body data is not currently searchable, but it can be viewed on a per profile basis in GoSquared People.

How many different event names/types can I track?

Take some time to think about the name you give to your events. You can name them anything you like, but it's best to use a clear, concise name.

Each GoSquared project can track up to 1000 custom events. Above this limit, events with new names will be ignored.

Event Anatomy

Event NameThe name of the eventStringundefined
Event DataCustom data to store with the event to be shown in the person's GoSquared People profileObject{}


_gs('event', 'Event Name', {
    // store extra data along with the event
    // any JS type is supported
    someHelpful: 'data'

  _gs('event', 'Event without properties');