Frequently Asked Questions

My tracking code doesn’t seem to be working

Please double check that the tracking code is installed just before the </head> tag on every page on your website. Also check that the correct project token is being used.

If you’re trying to track a site on the file:// protocol (local files) or on localhost, the tracker will not track visitors by default. This is to prevent local development from skewing reported traffic levels, but if you’d like it enabled, just add _gs('set', 'trackLocal', true); after the tracking code.

If you’re still having issues after following the installation guide, please send us an email.

Will GoSquared slow down my site?

Performance is extremely important to us and we pride ourselves on having one of the most lightweight tracking scripts in the business. The tracking code will always load asynchronously ensuring that it will never block anything from loading on your site. This makes us extremely confident when saying that GoSquared will have zero to negligible impact on your site’s performance.

Can I track subdomains with GoSquared?

We recommend using multiple tracking codes for subdomain tracking. Essentially, track each subdomain as a separate GoSquared project, this will create a unique tracking code for each subdomain. Then create one extra project and put its tracking code across all your subdomains to create a total global traffic dashboard. Read the full subdomain guide for advice on tracking People profiles and Live Chat history across subdomains.