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Go kingsize

Sometimes, a little widget just isn’t enough. That’s why you can make the Visitors widget go fullscreen, like this.

Say hello to Visitors.

Introducing our new and improved Visitors widget. Scroll to begin.

Meet the crowd

See every visitor live on your website right now, one-by-one.

With the Visitors widget, you can see the level of engagement of a visitor, their current page and the referrer in a simple to use, real-time list. All in one powerful little widget.

See everything as it happens

Even a minute is too long to wait. You want to know what’s happening, when it’s happening, and so do we.

Every visitor, every movement, every pageview — all reflected in every widget, all in real-time.

Get detailed

Don’t just rely on overviews. Get your visitor’s data clearly and quickly.

Clicking on a widget opens you up to a whole new world of information: find out where they’re from, how they’re viewing your page, how long they’ve been there, and a lot more.

Tag your visitors

Put a name to your visitors quickly and easily with the visitors widget.

Just click on a name, type and hit enter. It’s that simple.

Say “hello”

Close a sale, reinforce trust, have a chat.

GoSquared integrates with Olark to let you chat with your visitors in real-time, straight from your GoSquared dashboard. Just click any visitor with a chat bubble, and get talking.

Hello! How can I help?

Hi, I was wondering if I could see a map of everyone on my site with GoSquared.

Yep, we offer a full-screen map widget.

Brilliant, thanks!

The conversation was closed.

Ignore at your will

Don’t want to track your own visits to your site? You don’t have to. With our Visitors widget, it’s easier than ever to ignore your site’s visitors.

When you ignore a visitor, they will stop showing up on the dashboard, your Daily Reports; everywhere. But don’t worry…

Take control over your visitors

Ignored a visitor? “Unignore” them. Tag visitors for that personal touch and easy identification.

Every widget with a cog in the top-right (Cog icon) has a flipside. Click it, and you get can control who appears, and what they’re called.