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Visualize every point of data about your users to improve your acquisition. churn. activation. onboarding. conversion. campaigns.

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Share insights with your team to fast track impact.

For Growth teams.

  • Visualise how many leads you have converted from your website.
  • Find your most successful campaigns at converting quality leads.
  • Identify your best performing landing pages.
  • Find out your top converting geographic locations.
  • Identify your top months for lead conversion.
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For Customer Success teams.

  • Identify your top users by industry.
  • Find your top users by job title.
  • Monitor your active customer count.
  • Track your average NPS score by job title.
  • Monitor your top performing plan types.

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How it works.

Smart Groups are at the core of what makes GoSquared’s Customer Data Hub so powerful. They enable you to instantly segment and monitor your users based on their real-time behaviour based on the Properties and Events that matter most to you.

When you combine this with Google Data Studio you get clear, beautiful data that you and your team can act on today.

You'll be able to answer key questions about your users like:

  • What are my most effective landing pages for converting new sign ups?
  • Who are my power users and what common characteristics do they share?
  • What are the red flag indicators for my users who are churn risk?

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GoSquared is the all-in-one growth platform for SaaS businesses. Check out our Live Chat, Customer Data Hub, and Analytics to help grow your business faster and smarter.

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