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Learn from every lead.

Deep-dive into the profile of every signup with auto-enriched data like company size, industry, job title, and even public social profiles.

Understand the journey your customers go on – see every step your contacts take before and after completing a Form.

Learn from every lead with GoSquared Forms
Automatically segment your campaigns with GoSquared Forms

Automatically segment your campaigns.

Sleep easy knowing your leads are automatically nurtured with segmented, perfectly-timed onboarding campaigns.

Trusted by thousands of businesses.

Join thousands of fast-growing teams using GoSquared to supercharge their growth.

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Don't lose all your hard work.

Stop losing customers with untargeted, badly timed messages. Move to scalable personalised communication that converts better and faster.

Send perfectly timed, engaging in-app messages with GoSquared Forms and GoSquared Automation
“My primary use of Forms is to collect leads. I prefer GoSquared because you can see where visitors are submitting the Form from, and how easy it is to pick up the conversation in Live Chat.

I love the new customisation options and templates!”
– Tómas, Founder, SP Essential LLC

Connect Forms from any site builder in seconds.

Effortlessly capture leads from services like Webflow, Squarespace, and Bubble, and automatically pipe leads to other tools like Salesforce and Slack.

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GoSquared connects to all your third party services like MailChimp, Slack, Zendesk and more
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    No-code customisation

    Style your form with our no-code form builder. Copy and paste to install your form in seconds.

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    Scale the unscalable

    Stay human at scale with contextual messages, relevant, perfectly timed messages.

  • Never miss a lead

    Never miss an opportunity to convert a lead with instant Slack and email notifications.

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    Start today

    Start capturing leads in minutes with our industry-approved customisable templates.

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