More activation.

More conversion.

More retention.

Less expensive.

Intelligent marketing automation for product-led SaaS businesses.

+15% open rates

+15% click-through

-25% unsubscribes

+8% goal completion

Your users will thank you.

Marketing automation specifically for product-led SaaS businesses.

Onboard new users

Automate your onboarding messaging to drive users to complete key activation tasks.

Thank new customers

Send personalised Thank You messaging them moment a user converts to a new customer.

Engage customers at risk of churn

Send, timely personal emails to users the moment the display signs of churn to re-engage them.

Drive feature adoption

Announce new features to your power users in on click to encourage them to try new features.

Engage active users for product feedback

Send real time automated messages as soon as an active user has tried a new feature to get the most relevant product feedback possible.

Engage renewing customers

Warm up customers due for renewal and help them understand the value they've been gaining since their previous bills.

Turn casual readers into trial users

Send drip campaigns to your newsletter signups to warm them up and convert them to qualified leads.

Win more annual plans

Engage with happy, active monthly paying customers and encourage them to move to annual plans.

Warn customers about downtime

Message your VIP customers to inform them personally about upcoming maintenance.

Discover what active users think

Automatically send a survey to your most active customers once they've been using your product for a fixed period of time,

Notify users about an event near them

Send highly relevant messages to your users - get the message to the people that care, and don't interrupt anyone else.

Click. Send. Profit.

Choose from 100+ off-the-shelf examples of battle-hardened, SaaS focused templates to help you send highly effective messages that drive your customers to take actions.

Send the right message.

Mobile first, beautiful, lightweight messages.

Intelligent variables for advanced personalisation.

Effortless creation of email and in-app messages.

To the right person.

Infinite, real-time Segmentation.

Automatic user categorisation.

Robust APIs and integrations for always up-to-date data.

At the right time.

Automatic timezone detection.

Behaviour based triggers.

Overload protection.

Secure. Private. Compliant.

GDPR compliant.

GoSquared is independently certified as GDPR compliant by IASME.

Cyber Essentials Certified.

GoSquared has also been certified with Cyber Essentials - to independently verify our focus on security and data protection.

Privacy by Design.

With every feature and product we build, privacy is a core pillar of the considerations we take.

Run less Software.

Key to the value of the GoSquared platform - rather than running many tools from multiple providers, consolidate your customer data in GoSquared.

Send your first message.

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You're an excellent fit if you:

  • Are a SaaS business.

  • Already spend at least $100/month on email marketing tools.

  • Can spend at least 2 hours on migration in the next week.