Grow your SaaS business to 10k MRR.

Automate your marketing, segment your users, and build a higher converting site in moments, not weeks.

Live Chat, Marketing Automation and Customer Segmentation will get your business moving. GoSquared automates 90% of the work so you can get back to building.

"We use GoSquared to help us find our most successful customers to target our marketing, and track people at different stages of their onboarding. We wanted to do this within hours rather than days, which is what led us to GoSquared. The nice part is how easy it is to dissect our data into actionable segments. Once set up and you're good to go, it's almost like a 'no-code' way to chop up all your data and insights." Dan Doughty, Founder of Drippy

Protect your time.

Marketing templates, easy duplications, and automation by default gives you back hours a week and lets you build your company without doubling your head count. Grow on your own terms, let our tech do the dull work, and keep your freedom.

Grow your own way.

Your customers are as unique as you are. But tailored growth and communication doesn't have to be manual. Segment your audience and talk to your users based on the activities they actually take, not on some made up persona.

Don't build what you can borrow.

You could build real-time analytics, custom audience segmentation, automated prompts, Live Chat, email automation and lead capture. But, do you really want to? Or do you want to keep creating and bring in GoSquared to do the rest?

Enable API Access & Integrations

GoSquared works with the tools you already use. Don't reinvent the wheel. Do what's proven to grow.

Simple Pricing

Start for free and scale sensibly as you grow. With GoSquared, there's no punishment for growth.


$0 /month

Lead Capture

Live Chat

Real-Time Analytics

Early Stage

$29 /month

Everything in free plus:

1000+ integrations

Marketing Automation

Enriched data leads

Start growing in less time than it takes to make lunch.

GoSquared takes less than 10 minutes to set up.


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