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Everything you need to grow your business. Live Chat, CRM, Automation, and Analytics in one place.


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See who's on your website, talk to them, and convert them into customers. For individuals and small businesses to get started with GoSquared.

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See who’s on your site in real-time, and get easy-to-read reports every day.


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Turn visitors into customers with the friendly, modern live chat for your website.


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The next generation way to talk to customers at scale and close more deals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

GoSquared is our world. It’s our high level overview of traffic, activity, sources, and content. But it’s also our microscope for analysing users and our microphone for talking to them.

Photo of Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt

Ben Southworth, founder of Unicorn Hunt


Without GoSquared we'd be blind. Everyone on the team uses the platform every day to check in with our users – from our sales people to our engineers and designers. It's become a core tool we simply couldn't live without.

Photo of Tom Carrington Smith, CPO of CharlieHR

Tom Carrington Smith, CPO, CharlieHR

Can I use GoSquared for free?

Each GoSquared product has an unlimited, fully-featured 14 day free trial. Depending on your usage, at the end of your 14 day trial you can use GoSquared completely free, or upgrade to a premium plan.

What happens if I exceed my usage?

Exceeding your usage will result in either a prorated overage charge based on your tier's current "cost per unit", or an automatic upgrade to a higher tier. We will always pick the cheaper option for you.

What is a "profile"?

A new profile is created for every person you speak to on Live Chat – whether they're an anonymous visitor, or have given you an email address.

A profile is any contact, user, or customer you want to see in GoSquared. View our support article to learn more about profiles in GoSquared.

What is a "datapoint"?

A datapoint is any pageview or event you track with GoSquared. For example, in a 30 day period, if you track 150,000 pageviews and 50,000 events, that will be 200,000 datapoints.

Do these prices include tax?

These prices are an estimate of your monthly bill. The actual price of your subscription may vary depending on your billing cycle (annual vs monthly), and the tax payable in whatever region you are based. The prices shown are exclusive of tax such as VAT.

What if I need more than 50,000 profiles?

We would love to chat with you and learn more about your requirements. We're the mission control for some of the world's largest businesses. Please get in touch.