Create HTML Emails with GoSquared's Visual Editor

Want to craft aesthetic, impressive HTML emails to engage your customers? ✋
Don’t know how to write HTML? 😩
No code, no problem! ✅

Use our the GoSquared Visual Builder to create beautiful and orderly HTML emails, without having to know a single line of HTML!

With our drag & drop template editor you can create HTML emails in minutes, ready to send out to engage your users.

Creating a HTML message in Visual Editor

After you’ve selected the list of users for your message, click the option for ‘Email - HTML’

Kick-off with one of our pre-set template, or build your own!

Our drag & drop email builder couldn’t be more simple to use. Select and drag the blocks from the right-hand side into the message builder to start creating your HTML email.

Our HTML builder will work behind the scenes to build out the HTML code for your message, ready to be sent out to your users.

You can also insert Variables into your HTML, to further personalise your messaging.

Once you have created your HTML, you can save it as a Draft to come back to at a later date, or for a colleague to edit. Or, if you’re ready to go, click Done then give your Email one final review before publishing.

✅ You can use GoSquared’s Visual Editor for building HTMLs across our Broadcast, Automated Messages, and Sequences.

⚠️ NB. Don’t forget to add a resubscribe link!

GoSquared requires an unsubscribe link in order to send out your email. This gives recipients control over the emails they receive. Simply click the button to on the bottom right to add your pre-set unsubscribe link.

Alternatively, you can copy & paste an unsubscribe link as per the below:

<a href="{{unsubscribe_url}}">Unsubscribe</a>

Have any questions about our HTML builder, or using the GoSquared platform to power your marketing emails and customer engagement?

Get in touch with our Sales team here, and we will be happy to answer your questions!