Wix Analytics and Live Chat

GoSquared for Wix is a simplified version of the full GoSquared service enabling you to use the Now and Trends Analytics dashboards. GoSquared for Wix has the core essential features you need to get easy-to-use, powerful, real-time analytics for your Wix site.

Note: Wix does not support the Ecommerce or the People dashboard.

Manually install the Analytics code

  1. Open the Wix App Market.

  2. Search for "HTML".

  3. Add the "HTML iFrame/Embed" app to your site.

  4. In the app settings, select You want to add "Code" option.

  5. Copy and paste our custom Wix tracking code (it should start with <html>) into the big empty box in the Wix app.

  6. Replace YOUR-SITE-TOKEN on line 10 of the file with your own site token, make sure to paste it between the ' ' you need to keep the quotation marks for it to work (ensure you're on the correct site/have created a new site first!).

  7. Hit "Update".

  8. Ensure "Show on all pages" is ticked and then publish the changes to your site.

  9. Now open your newly published site in a new tab and refresh the page a few times.This will trigger your first pageview with GoSquared.

  10. GoSquared needs to verify it's correctly receiving tracking data from your site. Pass the Installation Check here to unlock your GoSquared dashboards.

  11. That's it, you're done!

​What is Wix?

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