I Can't See My Dashboard

Click ‘Refresh’

Having issues viewing your GoSquared Dashboard?.

This problem can often be fixed by simply refreshing the page and trying again. This should always be attempted first, before proceeding to the following options.

Disable AdBlock, uBlock (or other ad blocking tools)

AdBlock applications in your browser can prevent your dashboard from showing correctly.

We have an easy step-by-step guide for disabling AdBlockers across multiple Internet browsers, as well as iOS and Android.

This guide also shows how to whitelist the GoSquared website, if you prefer to keep your AdBlocker active.

Click here to get started.


Clear your cache and cookies

Another common fix is to clear your Cache & Cookies. If you’ve been using GoSquared for a while or have been experiencing any bugs, then try clearing your browser Cache.

Here’s how to do so, depending on your browser type:

Google Chrome

From your Chrome Browser, select Settings then click Privacy and Security. You can then select the option to Clear Browsing Data, making sure the box for Cached Images And Files is ticked.


Mozilla Firefox

From the upper-right corner of your browser, select the three-bar icon then click Options. Find the Privacy and Security tab, then Cookies and Site Data and select the option to Clear; ensuring that the box for Cached Web Content is selected.

Internet Explorer

Find the Tools icon and select Internet Options. Within the Browsing History Section click the option to Delete, checking that the tab Temporary Internet and Website files is selected.


From the main Menu bar, click Safari then click onto Preferences. From the Advanced tab, tick the box titled, Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar. This will now display Develop in your Menu bar. From this tab, scroll down to the Empty Caches option.