Migrate from Drip

Migrating your Drip People to GoSquared.

  1. Log into Drip and go to People.

  2. Use the filter to create the segment you’d like to export, or leave the filter blank to export your entire list.

  3. Click Actions -> Export to CSV.

  4. Click Okay. An email with a link to the CSV file will be sent to the email address that you have set up under Settings > User Settings.

  5. Log into GoSquared and import your list (If you haven’t already, sign up for a GoSquared account.)

  6. Head to the CSV Importer to import your profiles to GoSquared.

GoSquared CSV Importer

  1. Find your CSV file exported from Drip, and drag the file into the box shown in the screenshot below. Dragging the file in will automatically start the file upload.
    Each row in the CSV must contain a user’s email address and extra properties associated with that user should be in the same row.
    The column headers in the CSV should be labelled with the name of each of the properties that you want to track.
    It should look something like this:
    Example CSV

  2. Check your CSV columns match up with the appropriate GoSquared fields. Use the drop down menus to match as many columns up to the default GoSquared properties as you can. If you have any extra information that doesn’t obviously match, you can create a new custom property and edit the property’s name.

GoSquared CSV Importer mapping

  1. Click the ‘Start data Import’ button. This will start the import process and navigate you to the People dashboard where you should see your new profiles being created.

You have now successfully imported your Drip People into GoSquared!