General Project Settings

Editing Project Information

👉 Head to “Settings > Current Project > General” to change key details about any project you’ve added to GoSquared.

If you’ve added multiple projects to GoSquared, each will have its own project settings. You can switch projects at any time via the Project Switcher in the top left.

Project Settings is broken into a series of tabs – the first is the “General” tab where you’ll find the most common details about your selected project.

General Information

Note: Only the project owner can edit this information.

Just click on the text to update any of these fields:

  • Project Name: Used as the default name displayed to your website visitors in Assistant. This can be overridden in “Settings > Current Project > Assistant”.
  • Project URL: Used check your installation, and to display a preview of your website in GoSquared, but does not affect your Analytics implementation in any way.
  • Time Zone: Changes the timezone for the current project. This changes how metrics are displayed in Analytics, and when Email Reports are delivered.

View the JavaScript Snippet for the Project

A quick reference to copy paste your unique GoSquared JavaScript Snippet. This is unique for each project in your GoSquared account.

Project Token

Formerly known as “Site Token”.

This is a unique identifier for each project in your GoSquared account. Handy to reference if you’re working with the GoSquared APIs.

Deleting your Project

Note: You can only delete projects that you’ve created yourself. If a project has been shared with you, you’ll need to ask the project owner to delete the project for you.

Deleting a project will permanently erase all data collected – in Analytics, Inbox, Customer Data Hub, and Engage. Deleting a project will automatically remove it from all team members with access. This action cannot be undone.

Deleting a project will not automatically change your GoSquared subscription or cancel your account. Learn more about changing your GoSquared subscription.