Team Permissions

If you are a shared user of a project, you have limited access to the Project Settings.

Shared team member permissions

Somebody that you have invited as a shared user has access to:

  • Analytics dashboards (Now/Trends/Ecommerce)
  • Receive traffic summary email reports
  • People CRM, view profiles, filtering and Smart Groups
  • View and send email/live chat messages from Inbox
  • Send Broadcast messages
  • Turn the Live Chat Assistant on/off
  • Manage Assistant Settings and Chat Prompts
  • Add/remove integrations
  • Manage notification triggers
  • Manage a list of blocked IP addresses
  • Manage Chat prompts
  • Generate API keys

Project owner permissions (admin)

Each project can only have one owner. The project owner is the person who first set up the project with their GoSquared account. Project owners can do everything a shared user can and has elevated permission to:

  • Add/remove shared team members
  • Manage the subscription and billing
  • Change the project's timezone
  • Change the project name and URL
  • Toggle Secure Mode on/off
  • Change the currency of the Ecommerce dashboard
  • Delete the project