Tracking Multiple Sites

If you have multiple websites or apps, you can use GoSquared to track them all under your one account.
You'll need to create a new 'project' to track each site or app under. This will create new tracking codes and dashboards for them.

How to add a new project

1. Go to the project picker

Select the project picker at the top of the sidebar where the name of your current project is displayed.

2. Enter your website URL and give it a name

Add a new site in GoSquared

Click the + to the right of the search field, or click the "Add Project" button at the bottom of the list.

Enter the URL for your new project, and give it a name (this is what it will show up as in your GoSquared account).

Hit the "get started..." button to add the site and begin the setup process for your newly added project.

3. Integrate GoSquared with your new project

Integration Guide in GoSquared

Your Analytics code for each project is unique.

Why is GoSquared showing pages and sources in Now and Trends for other sites?

Ensure you have integrated the correct Analytics code on each of your websites. Each of your projects will have a unique code and project token. If you accidentally put the wrong code on one of your websites, remove it as quickly as you can as we cannot reset the data for you.

I added a new project to my GoSquared account but now I'm locked out. Why is that?

If you are using GoSquared within a team, ensure all projects are added under the account of the owner. The GoSquared user who originally signed up to GoSquared and has a paid subscription is the user who must add new websites.

The owner of the project in GoSquared can share access with everyone on the team easily.

If you accidentally add a website under your account, delete it and contact us to let us know and avoid being locked out of your account.