Edit Dashboard Layouts

You can rearrange or hide specific widgets in your Now and Trends dashboard.

To get started, just hit the edit button on the dashboard or use the keyboard shortcuts below.

NB Editing your dashboard layout is a premium feature, and is therefore unavailable on our Free Trial. To discuss upgrading to a paid account, get in touch with Support

Edit Layout

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • / hides or shows the sidebar.
  • e edit your dashboard layout using drag and drop.
  • s opens the site selector.

If you'd like to suggest a keyboard shortcut, let us know.

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Make the most of the GoSquared Analytics widgets by setting up Event Tracking and UTM Links.

  • Event Tracking offers you an in-depth understanding of how visitors are engaging with your website, so you can make data-driven decisions to optimise your pages.

  • UTM Links are a great way to measure exactly how your online Marketing campaigns are performing, so you know which campaigns to cut and which campaigns to boost.