How do I download my data?

Trends and Ecommerce – download as a CSV

You can download the data shown in any of the widgets in the Trends and Ecommerce dashboard.

  1. Login in to your GoSquared account and navigate to either the Trends or Ecommerce dashboard.

  2. Use the date range selector in the top right hand corner of your dashboard to choose which day/month/year that you'd like to export.

  3. Then just hit the little download icon in the widget that you want to download data for. In this example it would download a list of the most used operating systems.

    date picker

  4. This will trigger a CSV file containing the widgets data to download. You can then open the CSV in Excel or Google sheets!

Export Contacts profile data

You can also download your GoSquared People data from the People API or by hitting the 'Export' option from the Actions menu in the People dashboard.

Export users

More complex queries

You can use the Query Builder to generate CSV downloads from Now and Trends. It's a bit fiddly but doesn't require any coding skills. Read the guide here.

Alternatively if you are a developer, you can just hit the GoSquared API directly.

We do not normally allow users access to the raw data. However, we do review requests from time to time and can advise on what data we can provide under certain circumstances. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. We never release user data to anyone other than the user in question.