Can I import user data into GoSquared?

📩 You can easily import your existing customer data into Contacts. Your contacts will then become searchable and filterable; allowing you to segment them into Smart Groups immediately!

How to Import data into Contacts

To create a profile in your Contacts area, all you need is a user's email address. However the more information you have about each user, the better. If you have a spreadsheet full of useful attributes and custom information we can import all of that too.

1. Creating a CSV

You'll need to provide GoSquared with a CSV file. Many tools will have an option to export your data as a CSV. If not you'll need to create a spreadsheet and save it as a CSV file.

Each row in the CSV must contain a user's email address. Extra properties associated with that user should be in the same row.

The column headers in the CSV should be labelled with the name of each of the properties that you want to track.

It should look something like this:

Example CSV

Importing Custom Events

You can also import custom event data into GoSquared, simply by adding an additional column in your CSV file.

Your event will then automatically become a searchable filter within your Contacts. Any users associated to the event in your upload will also be associated to it in your Contacts area.

In order to edit the logic of the uploaded custom events, head to Settings > Current Project > People CRM, or check out our article here.

2. Upload the CSV to GoSquared

If you haven't already, sign up for a GoSquared account.
You can then login to your account and upload a CSV of your customer data here.

3. Check your CSV columns match up with the appropriate GoSquared fields

Use the drop down menus to match as many columns up to the default GoSquared properties as you can. If you have any extra information that doesn't obviously match, you can create a new custom property and edit the property's name.

4. Click the 'Start data Import' button.

This will start the import process and navigate you to the Contacts dashboard where you should see your new profiles being created.

You can then start segmenting your users into Smart Groups and sending Automations!

Why do Now and Trends not support importing of data?

This is not just because we haven't got around to it yet – every analytics service tracks and processes data in different ways. GoSquared has a very advanced analytics platform with some of the most accurate metrics in the industry. As soon as you start mixing data from other services, things started getting complex and numbers become hard to compare with confidence.

You can use our API to extract data GoSquared collects in CSV or JSON format and combine that with exported data from other services to compare or combine statistics.

🤔 Have any questions about importing your data from your existing supplier into GoSquared? Get in touch with our team here!