What cookies does GoSquared use?

GoSquared uses tracking and session cookies to provide its service. This article gives a transparent breakdown of the cookies that get created and stored by GoSquared, and what they're used for.

For more detail about the how/why we process your data, please refer to section 5 and 6 of our Privacy Notice.

Used by the GoSquared Analytics service

These tracking cookies are used by to provide our Analytics features. These cookies will get set for your visitors on your site if you have GoSquared installed.

  • gs_u_{PROJECT_TOKEN} – used for tracking your device info when browsing. This cookie lasts for 2 years.
  • gs_p_{PROJECT_TOKEN} – keeps track of a visitor's previously viewed page throughout their browsing session. This cookie lasts for a max of 60 seconds or until the next pageview, whichever is sooner.
  • gs_v_{PROJECT_TOKEN} – this is used for storing your visitors 'identified' id when using People CRM. This cookie lasts for 2 years.

Used by GoSquared website and app login

These cookies are only used when browsing the GoSquared website and logging into the GoSquared platform as a registered user of GoSquared.

  • g5535510n – This session cookie is used to allow GoSquared customers to log-in to our website. It stores a unique session identifier.
  • gs_us – This cookies is used for the 'remember me' functionality. It allows GoSquared customers to have their login remembered when they leave and return to the GoSquared site.
  • gs_ta – used for storing your 'user id' when using the GoSquared site.

Used by GoSquared Assistant and Live Chat

This cookie is used to authenticate a live chat session when you send/receive a message through the GoSquared Assistant.

gschat_au – for authenticating with the GoSquared Live Chat service.