👉 Segment is a customer data hub for easily managing multiple services running on your website. GoSquared integrates seamlessly with Segment.

Segment also has native iOS and Android libraries which can be used to pass tracking events from you mobile applications into GoSquared.

If you haven’t already, you can sign up for a free Segment account.

Do I need to pay extra to use Segment?

No. GoSquared is part of Segment’s free Developer tier. If you have less than 1000 unique visitors a month (what Segment calls MTUs), you wont have to pay Segment anything extra!

Using Segment With GoSquared

Assuming you’ve already signed up for a Segment account and have a Segment project set up:

  1. Install Segment on your website using one of their many plugins or libraries.

  2. Skip this step if you’re using a plugin. If you’re using a library then make sure you’re making calls to ‘page’ to track pageviews. To use GoSquared People make sure you’re making calls to ‘page’ and ‘identify’. Full reference.

  3. If you haven’t already, sign up for a free GoSquared account

  4. Click ‘Install with Segment’.

  5. Click the ‘Connect with Segment’ Button.

  6. When the window opens, login to your Segment account (if prompted) and select a source from the dropdown menu. This is where you’ll be adding GoSquared as a destination.

  7. Click Allow

  8. Open your website in a new tab and refresh the page a few times. This forces Segment to refresh and makes sure GoSquared is tracking your site.

  9. Finally, you’ll need to verify that GoSquared is receiving data by passing the installation check.

  10. That’s it, you’re done! No more coding or tweaking required!

Advanced Segment options

You can modify the Analytics code configuration options by clicking though to the ‘Advanced Settings’ section of the GoSquared integration.

You can set any of the configuration options listed in our technical documentation

Using Segment Personas with GoSquared

When you sync data to GoSquared for the first time when using Segment Personas, by default, it will send all historical data from your Segment implementation. Afterwards, Segment only sends updates to GoSquared.

Due to this, you may want to disable historical data in Segment as it will create profiles in the GoSquared Data Hub for all of your historical Segment users, which may mean you could hit your plan limits very quickly.

For further information please refer to the Segment documentation.

Transaction Tracking (Ecommerce)

To use the Ecommerce dashboard with Segment, you need to make sure you are using the Segment ‘Completed order’ event. A ‘Completed order’ event gets mapped to a GoSquared transaction.

For more information, refer the Segment documentation about the ‘Completed order’ event.

PS. Check out our blog for the latest updates to our Segment Integration 🙌