Automatic Data Enrichment

👥 When you add a contact's email address to GoSquared, we will automatically search the web for any publicly availably information associated with that email address.

We'll use this information to automatically fill in any gaps we find in the contact's profile data.

Automatic Social data

GoSquared attempts to automatically enrich your contact's profile with the following information from social networks:

  • Full name
  • Bio – a short biography about them, usually taken from their Twitter.
  • Company name – where they work, usually taken from LinkedIn.
  • Company position – their job role/title, usually taken from LinkedIn.
  • Photograph or avatar – taken from one of their social network profiles.
  • Social links – quick links direct to their social profiles. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.
  • Klout Score (deprecated) – a way to measure somebody's social media influence. Scored as a number between 1 and 100 (where higher is better). The Klout scoring service was discontinued on May 25th 2018

Note: GoSquared will only try to fill in the gaps in your data. If you have previously tracked, or manually added this information to your contacts, GoSquared will not automatically overwrite it.

Automatic Company data

If GoSquared detects that the email is not a personal email address (e.g not Gmail or Yahoo etc), we'll use their company email domain to try and find more information about it, including:

  • Company name
  • Company description – a sentence or two about what the company does.
  • Company size – number of employees.
  • Founding year – how old the company is.
  • Company website – a handy link to find out more info.