Data privacy in People CRM

What data is tracked by People CRM?

People CRM stores data collected through our tracking API on a per-user basis. This data includes, for example:

  • Pages viewed when browsing around your site.
  • Custom events triggered.
  • Any properties you choose to assign to a user (for example: name, email address, demographic data etc.)
  • Public profile information (e.g. social network accounts, company information).
  • Any message history you've had with that user (through GoSquared Inbox).

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What kind of user data can I track in People CRM?

You can track any custom data fields/properties that you like. However, you must ensure that you don't use GoSquared to track/store any restricted or confidential data into GoSquared. For example, make sure you don't track payment card details, restricted health data, or similar information using GoSquared.

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Who has access to the data in People CRM?

People CRM uses the same data restrictions as our other services, so data associated with a particular project under your account is only accessible by you and anyone with whom you choose to share the project with using our Team Sharing feature.

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What is this "public profile information"?

If you associate an email address with a particular user in People CRM, we will use that email address to look up publicly-available information to enrich that user's profile within People. Some of the information we gather is:

  • Social network profiles, e.g. Twitter handle (and follower/following count), Klout score
  • Company information, e.g. from LinkedIn
  • Profile pictures

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Do I need to update my Privacy Policy if I use People CRM?

The answer is most likely yes. Most countries around the world will have a legal requirement that you keep the users of your site informed about how you track and process their data (such as the GDPR regulations). You can review GoSquared's own Privacy Policy here.