How-to: Identify influential users with People CRM


We’re going to look at another problem People CRM can help you solve - finding influential users active on social media.

Influential users who appreciate your product will encourage their followers to try it out for themselves, gaining your business coverage and ultimately new users. They represent an opportunity to be your brand advocates - this is especially crucial for startups seeking as much attention as possible for rapid growth.

However, going through each individual’s social profiles is a tedious process. The aim for any business is to identify these influential users, but in a simple and efficient process so that you can focus your time on cultivating relationships with them. People CRM helps you do that and to make things better the filters we’ll be using are available by default as well.


The first task is to identify who amongst your users are influential on social media, and one quantitative way of doing so is by using their Klout score. Klout quantifies ‘influence’ by how much a user’s social content is shared, whether on Facebook or by retweeting: the more a user’s content is shared, the greater their Klout score.

While this is not a perfect way of gauging something as subjective as ‘influence’, it provides a good basis from which to identify popular users who will be more effective at sharing your message.

We can presume two key characteristics of influential users:

Content is spread by followers. Influential people on social media will see more of their their content shared to larger audiences.

They have used your product or service at some point. We want this to be deliberately broad for now, rather than focusing on “customers” or “trial users”.

These two assumptions will help you identify social influencers who have used your product or service at some point.

Klout Score

“Klout” is a default property and the greater the score, the more influential that user is deemed. This property already exists, and can be seen immediately after setup in the property list.

PA Klout 1

This filter is useful in several ways. By simply organising users by whether “Klout” is “greater than 0” you can arrange all users by their Klout score, from highest to lowest. You can also modify the query by setting it to “greater than x” to get a refined list of influential users.

PA Klout 2

At GoSquared, we discovered that a Klout score of 40 was already greater than the average user’s score. As a result, “Klout” set to “greater than 40” for us would provide a list of users who were relatively more influential than the average.


PA Klout 3

“Visits” is another default property and does what it says on the tin; use it to identify the number of times a user visits a site. Like Klout Score, individual “Visit” counts are automatically tracked by People CRM and can be seen right after setup.

This is one of several ways to track user activity. Set “Visit” count to “greater than 0” and you will have a group of people who have visited a page on your site. Other ways to track user activity include "Engaged Time" and "Last Seen", both default properties. You can also use your own internal definitions of an active user by passing this back to GoSquared as a custom property.


Save these two filters as a Smart Group and you will have a collection of active users who are influential on social media.

PA Klout 4

After identifying these users, you can click into each user’s activity profile to view a list of social platforms that they’re active on. By having this information in a centralised interface, you no longer need to manually search for sometimes’ obscure profiles or wonder whether they exist.

With this Smart Group, your team can reach out to these social influencers and begin building a relationship with them. For example:

  • Offer influencers beta access to your products or services is a good way to not only get their thoughts on your work, but also share those thoughts with the wider world. This is powerful word of mouth marketing for your business.
  • Invite these influential users to a launch party of a new product or clothing line. You can add a geographic filter such as "City = Paris" to segment the Smart Group further.

This is just a template to help you engage with influential users so do experiment with the filters in this Smart Group, particularly Visits. You can also add more filters to refine your search, such as Last Seen to identify users within a certain time period only. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.