The Mandrill integration allows you to track events from your transactional emails sent through Mandrill. The events are tracked in Contacts based on the recipient's email address.

Note: if GoSquared can't match an event to an existing profile, a new profile will be created for them using the email address from Mandrill. This may flood Contacts with lots of new profiles if you have large mailing lists.

The following events are available:

  • Sent Email
  • Email Deferred
  • Opened Email
  • Email Dropped
  • Clicked Email
  • Email Bounced
  • Email Soft-Bounced
  • Email Reported as Spam
  • Clicked Unsubscribe
  • Email Rejected

Setting up the Mandrill Integration

  1. Log in to GoSquared and go to Integrations in Project Settings.
  2. Add and enable Mandrill as a new service.

  3. Copy the generated webhook URL to your clipboard.
  4. Navigate to your Mandrill webhook settings.
  5. Create a new webhook, paste the webhook URL in the "Post To URL" field

  6. Choose which events you wish to track
  7. Click "Create Webhook"
  8. You're good to go!

How does Mandrill work with Contacts?

If you are using Contacts and have already created lots of People profiles, we will try and add the Mandrill events to the appropriate profiles.

The technical bits

In your Mandrill setup, if you are using the optional metadata field user_id, we will attempt to match that to a People profile with the same person_id.

If an existing People profile with that id cannot be found, then we will create a new profile for them and track the Mandrill event there.

If you're not using the metadata.user_id field in Mandrill, we will instead use the Mandrill email address to look up People profiles with the same email address. If a profile with that email address can't be found, then we will create a new Profile for them and track the event there.