The SendGrid integration allows you to track email events from SendGrid in Contacts. The events will show up in the activity feed of the corresponding profiles in Contacts.

Note: if GoSquared can't match an event to an existing profile, a new profile will be created for them using the email address from SendGrid. This may flood Contacts with lots of new profiles if you have large mailing lists.

The following SendGrid events can be tracked:

  • Email Deferred
  • Email Bounced
  • Sent Email
  • Email Dropped
  • Clicked Email
  • Email Reported as Spam
  • Opened Email
  • Clicked Unsubscribe

How to track SendGrid events

SendGrid uses webhooks to send events to 3rd party integrations. So to get SendGrid talking to GoSquared, we'll need to create a webhook URL that is can send data to. These simple steps will walk you through the process:

  1. Log in to your GoSquared account and navigate to Settings > Current Project > Integrations and select SendGrid from the list. If you have more that one project in GoSquared, make sure you've picked the right project first.

  2. Click Add new to create a new webhook URL. If you want to, you can give the webhook a memorable name – then hit Save Integration.

  3. Log in to your SendGrid account and navigate to Settings > Mail Settings and select Event Notification from the list (see picture below – click for larger).

  4. Copy and paste the webhook URL from GoSquared into the HTTP POST URL field in SendGrid.

  5. Select the checkboxes to choose which email events you'd like to track in GoSquared.

  6. Save your settings and then you're good to go!

For more technical information about SendGrid's Event notifications you can view their – documentation here.