🐵 Our MailChimp integration enables you to do 3 incredibly powerful things

How to Connect MailChimp to GoSquared

To get started you’ll need to have MailChimp account — you can sign up for free here.

You’ll also need to have created at least one mailing list in MailChimp so that we have something to track.

  1. Log into your GoSquared account and head to Settings > Current Project > Integrations > Mailchimp.
  2. Click ‘Connect’ — This will connect your GoSquared account with MailChimp (you may be asked to log in to your MailChimp account).

That's it you’re done!

Note: You can only connect one MailChimp account to each of your GoSquared sites.

Add new MailChimp Subscribers to Contacts

After connecting your MailChimp account, your MailChimp lists will be available to configure in Settings > Current Project > Integrations > Mailchimp.

You can use the toggles to track changes to each Mailchimp list. For example, if a list gets a new subscriber, they will get added to Contacts. Or if a user unsubscribes, this will track an un-subscribed event in Contacts. Use the toggle switches to choose which lists you would like.

Note:This will not import your whole mailing list into Contacts, it will only create profiles when a new user subscribes to the list, or an existing user un-subscribes.

Note: GoSquared tracks MailChimp events by associating them with the person's email address in the Contacts. If GoSquared can’t find a profile to match the event to, it will create a new profile for them.

Automatically Update MailChimp Lists Using Smart Groups

Smart Groups enable you to segment your user-base via any combination of events and custom properties you like. We call them 'Smart’ because they update in real-time. New people will automatically fall into the group as their behaviour matches the filters you’ve defined. Likewise people will automatically fall out when they no longer match the filters.

Creating Smart Groups is easy, but just in case here’s a quick recap:

  1. Just click ‘Add a filter’ in the People app — add as many filter as you like.
  2. Change what columns are visible by clicking the cog at the top of your People list.
  3. Once you’re happy hit the ‘Save Smart Group' button in the top right of the People app and give it a memorable name.
  4. Each saved group will appear as a list in the sidebar — you can create as many as you like.

Turning on Auto-Updating

Once you've created a Smart Group you can head back to the MailChimp integration page to turn on auto-updating:

  1. Click 'Add Synced list'.
  2. Use the drop down list to select a MailChimp list you want to keep updated.
  3. Then select a Smart Group that you want to use to keep the MailChimp list up to date with.
  4. When you click 'Save Integration' everybody currently in the Smart Group will be added to your MailChimp list. We won't create duplicates if they're already on your mailing list!

When a new person enters the Smart Group they will be automatically subscribed to the linked MailChimp list.
When a person exits the Smart Group they will automatically be deleted from the MailChimp list.


  • If a person manually unsubscribes from your mailing list, GoSquared will not re-subscribe them.
  • Deleting a list in MailChimp will not delete the linked Smart Group in GoSquared.