How-to: Identify qualified sales leads with People CRM

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Any person or team responsible for sales will be monitoring new signups and leads as part of the process of lead qualification. People CRM can help sales teams qualify leads quicker and more efficiently. In this guide we’ll look at how to track latest signups and how People CRM can easily fit into and enhance the workflow of any sales team.

Tracking new accounts

Identifying new accounts in People CRM is not difficult and can be done with as little as one special property: Created.

PA Latest 1

The Created property identifies when accounts were first added to GoSquared. Make the Created column visible and sort it by ascending order to view the latest signups within that time frame. To reduce the number of people that show up in the resulting group you can set the property to “less than 14 days” to only filter accounts that were only made in the past two weeks.

Learn more about filtering with Smart Groups.

People CRM in the Sales Process

It's easy to integrate into the sales team workflow, improving and speeding up the qualification process by providing several pieces of critical information:

Social profiles – learn more

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People CRM allows for easy access to a user’s social profiles where possible, most significantly Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is particularly useful for sales teams as they can easily discover information related to the sign up’s business and profession. For example, a business manager is more likely to be in a position to make a purchasing decision rather than a summer intern.

Cross-service links

People CRM can provide links to other services that you may use in your workflow, such as leads or Salesforce profile. This makes it straightforward for you to use People CRM as a centralised platform from which to easily access information located in other services.

Past and current activity

GoSquared is able to track visitor behaviour and activity even before they sign up for accounts. This means that when the visitor does sign up, the user’s prior activity on the site can be seen on their activity profile.

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You can first see the visitor journey prior to them creating an account, learning where they might have first heard of your service and any actions they might have taken on your site.

This information may offer some insight into what the user values or takes an interest in, allowing you to address them appropriately in future conversations. For example, someone who views a specific pricing segment may give you some indication of the size of their business and what they need.

Identifying qualified leads

A qualified lead in People CRM should have all of the above information included in their profile, and may look like this:

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Information such as their social profiles, behaviour on site and more should be readily available for sales teams to quickly recognise potential customers to reach out to. In the above, sales teams immediately know that this signup is the CTO of the company and heard about GoSquared through Segment, even reading a blog post on Segment and GoSquared.

In contrast, a poor lead profile may look more like this:

PA Latest 5

Unlike a qualified lead, this signup has little readily available information for sales teams to pick up on. Compared to a user with more information in their profile, sales teams are more likely to pursue the former as it will more likely be successful. People CRM is thus effectively in helping sales members identifying which leads to pursue, making it easier and less time-consuming to identify qualified leads.


People CRM is much more than just a user account database - it can function as an effective component of your sales workflow by making it incredibly simple to qualify leads. Over time your sales team will gain a better understanding of what a qualified lead looks like for your business, improving performance.

Latest Signups is a simple Smart Group, using either Created for identifying account creation or a custom event of your choice. It can be effectively applied, however, in helping sales teams qualify leads by providing all relevant signup information in a centralised and easily accessible location. This can help streamline sales team workflows, improving efficiency in the process.

As you add more information in to People CRM through custom properties, your sales team will always be in a better position to identify qualified leads as relevant signup information becomes available.