Integrating Slack with GoSquared

📥 Keeping your team in the loop has never been easier. You can receive GoSquared message Notifications directly to a Slack channel either through our direct webhook integration or via our Zapier integration.

Take a look at our step-by-step instructions or Video Tutorial to get set up today!

1) Direct Integration

First, create a Slack Channel to direct your GoSquared to send to notifications to.

Create Channel

Create Your Slack App

👉 You’ll need to create a Slack app to get your unique webhook URL. Head over to the Slack App Directory and sign into your Slack account.

After signing in, click ‘Build’ followed by ‘Create an app’.

Next, you will be prompted to build your app either ‘From scratch’ or via an ‘app Manifest’. For the purposes of our demonstration, we will be building our app from scratch.

Give your app a memorable name like 'GoSquared Chat Messages', select your workspace and click 'Create App.'

Create App

On your apps Basic Information page, under Features and Functionality, select 'Incoming Webhooks.'

Create Webhook

Click 'Add New Webhook to Workspace.'

Add Webhook

On the following screen, select a channel that the app will send the notification to and then click the 'Allow' button.

Select Channel

With your webhook set up, make sure you have toggled it to 'Activated' and then select 'Copy Webhook'. This is what you'll add to your GoSquared settings.

Copy Webhook

Add GoSquared Slack Service

Go to the GoSquared Integrations page and click ‘Connect’ next to the Slack service.

Connect Slack Service

Click Add New

Add Slack Service

Paste your new webhook, give it a memorable name, toggle on 'Include verified leads' and click 'Save'.

Add GoSquared Slack Notifications

Head to your GoSquared Notifications and select ‘Add new notifications'. Leave the ’notify after’ value at 0 seconds to receive all messages as notifications. Choose 'Live Chat Message' from the drop down and select your Slack webhook.

Add Notification

Click Save. That is all you need to do for your GoSquared message notifications to be sent via webhook directly to your Slack channel.

2) Zapier Integration

You’ll just need a free Zapier account and to connect your GoSquared project to Zapier.

With that done you can get started setting up Slack notifications to GoSquared.

Start by Creating a Slack Channel

Create a Slack Channel for the channel you want GoSquared to send to notifications to.

Create Channel

Make a Zap

Head to Zapier and click ‘Make a Zap'.

Give it a memorable name like 'GoSquared Slack Notifications'.

For the first step 'When This Happens, choose the app 'GoSquared'.

Map a Zap

Select the Trigger Event

Choose 'Live Chat Message' as the trigger event (you may need to scroll down) and click continue.

Select Trigger Event

Select Account

Choose the GoSquared account that contains the project you'd like notifications for.

Select Account

Set the Delay

Enter the delay that you would like before the notification is sent to slack. This delay is applicable while the message is unread. Setting this to 0 will send the notification for all messages.

Set Delay

Click Test and Continue

Test the GoSquared trigger before moving on to the next step.

Test Trigger

Choose Your Action

For the second step, 'Do this’, choose Slack as the app.

Choose Slack

Choose Your Action Event

Select 'Send a channel message’ as the action event.

Send channel message

Connect Your Slack Account

If you haven’t already, you’ll then need to add your Slack account and authorise it for Zapier.

Connect your Slack account

Customise Channel Message

Here start by selecting your Slack Channel that you created in the first step.

Next you can then use the details from the incoming chat message within the 'message text' that you send to slack. Just click the drop down in the top corner of the composer window to select these fields.

You can format these message however you like. However, the key fields you’ll probably want to use are 'Message Person ID’ and ‘Message Content’ for the sender and content of the message.

You can also include a link directly to the message using the fields. For this, you'll need to use the fields ’Site Token’ and 'Message Person Id’. Then you can construct the URL in the following format:

Customise channel message

Turn on your Zap!

Once that’s done you can click ‘Done Editing’ and make sure you turn your Zap on.

Turn on Zap

Never Miss a Message!

With this done, your GoSquared message notifications will now be being instantly sent to your selected channel so you can make sure your team never misses a message!

Video Tutorial