Keeping you team in the loop has never been easier. Our Slack integration is extremely flexible, you can send any combination of notification messages to any number of Slack channels.

Get Slack notifications when:

  • Somebody enters a specific Smart Group in People CRM (e.g. New customers)
  • Sends you a Live Chat message
  • Your website traffic spikes/dips (you choose the thresholds)

Or just send your daily/weekly/monthly email reports directly to Slack for all the team to see.

Its a 2 step process.

1. Create a Slack URL for the channel you want GoSquared to post to

  1. Head to the Slack Integrations page to add the GoSquared app.

  2. Use the dropdown to select the channel you want GoSquared to post to (you can repeat this as many times as you like if you want to post to more than one channel).

  3. Copy the URL that Slack generates and give it a descriptive label.

  4. Login to GoSquared and head to Settings > Current Project > Services > Slack and paste the Slack URL in there.

  5. Give it a memorable name (I'd recommend using the name of the Slack channel it posts to so it's easy to keep track of what's doing what).

  6. Click 'Save Integration' — you can go back and edit it at any time.​

2. Choose which notifications types you want to be sent

  1. In your GoSquared account navigate to the Notification tab in your Settings > Current Project > Notifications.

  2. If you already have notification triggers set up that you want to use you can just click 'edit' and tick the checkbox for the new Slack channel you've just added.

  3. Alternatively add a new notification and follow the instructions. You can be notified when somebody enters a specific Smart Group, sends a new Chat message or when you get a traffic spike/dip.

Send Daily/Weekly/Monthly Traffic Reports to Slack

Using the Slack email service you can route all your email traffic reports into a Slack channel so that all the team can see them. Simply create a Slack email address to send reports to and then share your GoSquared account with it via Team Sharing.

  1. Go to the Slack email integration page and choose a channel you wan to post reports to.
  2. Click 'Add email Integration', this will generate a unique Slack email address for you.
  3. Give the integration a descriptive label, I also recommend changing the name that the emails will be posted as to 'GoSquared Reports' (or similar). Don't forget to click 'Save Integration'!
  4. Copy the Slack email address.
  5. Login to GoSquared and head to the Team Sharing tab in Settings > Current Project > Team Sharing. Click 'Add a new team member' and paste in the Slack email address and click 'Invite'.
  6. This will send a Team Sharing invite to your Slack Channel. Open the email invite in Slack and click 'Create your free account'.
  7. Click through the process of creating an account, use whatever name and password you want (we just call ours Slackbot).
  8. You are now logged into the Slackbot GoSquared account and can change how frequently traffic reports are posted to in your email settings.

To send traffic reports for multiple sites you'll need to log back into your main GoSquared account and share the other sites with your Slackbot. You can do this by using the site selector in the top left of the sidebar to switch between sites and then issue a team invite for each one. The Slackbot account will automatically accept the sharing invites and group all the sites into one large report.

What are Traffic Spike/Dip Notifications?

Receive a notification directly to Slack whenever the total number of visitors on your site is higher or lower than a specified value. This enables you to respond instantly to high demand on your website, or spot errors that are causing your site to be unavailable.

What are Smart Group Enter/Exit Notifications?

Set up a notification on a People Smart Group, and receive a message in Slack every time a person enters or exits that Smart Group. For example, when a promising lead sign-ups, get a Slack notification.