Integrating GoSquared with Google Data Studio

Part 1: Our step-by-step guide to connecting GoSquared with Google Data Studio

Part 2: Video guide to setting up an example report

Part 3: How do I view all my users?

Connecting GoSquared with Google Data Studio

With the GoSquared Connector for the Google Data Studio you'll be able to visualise real-time user data from GoSquared in a completely customisable report to get a clear view of your customer data.

The Google Data Studio integration is available for all clients on our Suite or Enterprise plans.

You'll be able to:

  • Identify emerging trends and monitor insights.
  • Save time on manual reporting.
  • Share reports easily with your team.

NB. We have a selection of pre-set Data Studio templates to help you get started, just reach out to us via Live Chat.

GoSquared Connector

Get started by clicking here to access the Google Data Studio Connector for GoSquared.

You’ll first need to Authorize GoSquared. Type ‘GoSquared’ in the Data Source heading, as indicated below, before clicking the ‘Authorize’ button.

You’ll need need to choose an account to authorise with.

Authorize GoSquared Connector

Click "Allow".

Enter API Key

For the next step you'll need a GoSquared API Key. If you don't have an API Key you can create one in your Account Settings ensuring it has the "Read Contacts" permission activated.

Enter your API Key

Connect GoSquared

For the next step you'll need the Project Token of the GoSquared Project, along with the Smart Group name you would like to query.

Your project token can be found in your GoSquared Project Settings

The Smart Group name can be found in the URL of the Smart Group. For example your 'New Users' smart group would be 'new-users' in this case.

Smart Group Name

Enter the Project Token of the GoSquared Project, along with the Smart Group name you would like to query.

You’ll be presented with all of the properties and events from the project that you are able to use as Fields in your Report, click ‘Create Report'.

Create Report

You’ll then be taken to your report view, where you can begin to customise the data from the GoSquared Smart Group.

If you are new to setting up reports in Google Data Studio, you might want to take a look at Data Studio’s quick-start guides below:

Video Tutorial

Once you have connected GoSquared to Google Data Studio, you can then proceed to create your first report. This video will show you how.

Viewing All Users

If you want to pull data through on all your users, a common mistake is to input the term “Everyone” in the Smart Group Input. This will not work, as “Everyone” is not a defined Smart Group in GoSquared.

In order to pull data on all users, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new Smart Group in GoSquared with the filter ‘ID’ is ‘set’
  2. Save the Smart Group as “All Users”

  1. Return to Google Data Studio, and input the term “all-users” into the Smart Group Query

Once setup has been completed, Google Data Studio will now pull through data on all your users.