Writing an actionable email

This actionable guide will help you to send personalised, purposeful emails to your customers and potential customers. Start here to send more effective, tailor made emails.

Get clear on the picture

Before you write a single word of copy make sure you understand the purpose and desired outcome of your campaign.

Make it personal

Don’t send the same email to everyone. Use Smart Groups and your knowledge of customer behaviour to tailor make sequences fit for purpose and fit for the audience.

Write a killer subject line

It’s the only thing your recipient can see before they click open the email. Learn how to make sure that it’s compelling enough to keep them reading. Fortunately, you can use our handy AI Subject Line Generator to do this for you!

Powered by GPT3.5 and informed by thousands of best-practise email campaigns, simply input the theme of your topic and sit back and watch as our army of AI copywriters reel out a list of suggested subject lines you can use straight-away!

Make it visual

A plain format email can be useful, but you need to be careful to tread the line between engaging and unclear. Using images, photos, diagrams and colour helps to make your emails easier to read and more appealing.

Speak to a real person

Use variables to address your recipients directly and with copy they can see themselves in. Customise the name, engaged time, industry or last seen mention in your email with a variable.

Focus on a clear Call To Action

Ask your recipients to do one thing. Offering too many choices gets confusing and dilutes the message. Keep it focused, and make it obvious.

Read our guide to creating great CTAs.

Keep it simple

Pick as few colours and fonts as possible which align with your brand identity. This theory goes for your copy too - don’t overcomplicate your language or use overly wordy sentences.