Customer Engagement - Onboard, Engage, and Retain with Milestone Messaging

How to use Milestone Messaging to onboard, engage, and retain new sign-ups

When a user signs-up to your product or service for the first time, they’re a complete beginner.

Beginners represent risk.

They haven’t yet activated your product’s key features. The don’t enjoy using it, yet. They don’t understand the value it can offer them, yet.

Often, the difference between a client churning in 3 month’s time, or becoming a client for life, is determined within the users’ first weeks of onboarding. Their fate is usually decided by whether or not they activate your platform’s key features within that initial period.

This makes it is crucial to ensure new users hit as many of these milestones as possible, as quickly as possible, to nurture them from product-newbies into product-champions.

So what can you do during that crucial onboarding period to hand-hold new signups to achieving those milestones, and understanding your platform’s value?

The answer is Milestone Messaging.

By triggering highly-targeted, personalised, behavioural based pop-ups you can reach users where they are in the product journey and guide them to activate your key features.

Watch our demo below for a deep-dive into setting up your Milestone Messaging strategy during your users’ initial onboarding (and beyond), to transform confused newbies into super-users! 🚀

📽️ Milestone Messaging Deep-Dive:

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2️⃣ How to use Behaviour-based messaging to optimise key-feature activation
3️⃣ Using In-app Milestone Messages
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