Closing Your Account or Cancelling Your Subscription

To cancel your subscription or close your account

We’re sorry to see you go! In order to process your cancellation:

  1. Please get in touch via
  2. Please let us know your reason for cancelling

⚠️ Requests that we receive outside of office hours will be logged and we will get back to you once office hours resume. Our office hours are 9am - 6pm London time.

When cancelling your subscription, this change will come into effect at the end of your current billing cycle, so you will continue to receive the premium plan for the remainder of the billing cycle that you're currently in.

Closing your account will cancel your subscription, delete your account login details, and delete any projects that your account owns. This destructive action is irreversible and any previously tracked data is irrecoverable.

Note: If you close your account, we politely ask that you also remove the GoSquared code from your site so that you stop sending us new data.

Downgrading your plan

If you are looking to downgrade your plan, head to Settings -> Your Account -> Billing & Invoices where you can view the plans available to you, and let us know what plan you wish to downgrade to via