Display GoSquared on a TV (Big Screen)

Our now and trends dashboards are the pulse of our business. We like to put them front and centre on a big screen in the office where everybody can see them.

How is your site performing today? Who are the hot referrers? What content is doing well? Is our website down?

Putting Now and Trends on the Big Screen

What we do here in our own office is have Chrome running in full screen mode.
We then have Now open in one tab and Trends open in another.

We use a Chrome extension called Revolver Tab to automatically refresh and cycle through the different screens.

You can easily set the refresh and timing intervals. Even if you decide to only have one tab open on each screen we still recommend that you set the page to refresh every hour or so as we're always pushing new builds of the site with minor performance enhancements that will require a page reload to benefit from.

Customise your Dashboard

There are also few hidden keyboard shortcuts you can use to customise the look of your dashboard:

  • e brings up a layout editor so that you can choose which widgets to display and where they should be.
  • / hides the sidebar so that you can maximise the screen space used by the dashboard
  • cmd shift F puts Chrome in full screen mode.
  • cmd + zooms in on the open Chrome tab so that you can enlarge a particular widget or timeline you want to display larger.

Just beware that if you use the 'E' key to edit your dashboard layout it will save these new layout settings to your account. This means that if you change your layout on your own personal computer then it will also modify the layout on the big screens. One way to avoid this is by creating a second account (you could call it GoSquared Big Screen) and use Team Sharing to share your account with it:

That way you can modify the layouts of the big screen dashboards without worrying about messing up your own personal view.