👉 GoSquared can keep your team notified of important changes in your online business.

Notifications can be sent to any of the integrations you've connected to GoSquared (e.g. Slack, Zapier, or Email). You can be notified when:

  • Your site gets a real-time traffic spike or dip
  • A user enters or exits a specific Smart Group in People CRM
  • You receive a new Live Chat or email message

Traffic spike/dip notifications

Set a threshold traffic level for a spike or dip, then GoSquared will notify you when this threshold is exceeded – in real time. If you manage more than one project, make sure you have selected the right project you wish to set up notifications for – read the full traffic alert guide.

Smart Group enter/exit notifications

This is particularly useful for keeping track of user activity. For example we have a Smart Group set up for 'New signups'. Every time we get a new signup, they enter the Smart Group and our sales team automatically receives a email – learn more.

Not sure what a Smart Group is?

Smart Groups are a way to segment you leads/customers into groups based on their online activity. The groups update automatically as new users match the filter criteria. You can notifications when a new user enters or the groups, or an existing user exists it – learn more.

Message notifications

GoSquared can already send you desktop browser notifications and mobile push notifications to the GoSquared Inbox app. However you can also send new Chat messages to third party services such as Slack and Zapier – read the full guide.